• While all linen clothing is made from the Flax plant, there is only one FLAX brand of linen clothing, long recognized for its quality and style!    
  • The first step of making linen is harvesting the stalk of the flax plant, which is then dried, separated, and prepared for weaving. The now-transformed flax plant is spun into yarn and woven into linen fabric. This linen fabric constitutes the entirety of almost every piece of FLAX clothing, apart from the Urban FLAX Collections which features cotton-knit accents, and  a few pieces with specialty textured fabrics, most of which are blends of linen and cotton. 
  • Linen is prehistoric!  Archaeological records show that people may have been using linen for over 36,000 years-- making linen one of the oldest fabrics in the world! In fact, woven linen may have been produced before human societies even had written language!
  • The FLAX brand was started by two sisters in Ithaca, New York   years This year,  2023 marks  their 30th anniversary!  Their journey into linen fashion began when they started creating and selling linen clothing to incredible success at a local farmer’s market. After finding immense demand for their classic, comfortable styles in a unique array of dyes, they expanded their clothing to markets worldwide, becoming a mainstay in the linen clothing industry! 
  • FLAX linen clothing is “still produced and sewn in the same Worker-owned, Women-operated factories in Lithuania” since the brand launched.    The production of FLAX clothing revives the linen harvesting traditions of Eastern Europe and uplifts local women by creating fair-paid and safe job opportunities! 
  • The FLAX brand is known for their unique style and fabric names! Just a few examples include the Obscure Cardigan, which is a versatile open front piece, that has a short sleeve, or the Alluring Blouse, which doubles as a button down top, or a light jacket.  Other creative style names include the One Tuck Wonderful, which features pintuck detail along the hem, embellishing this original!
  • FLAX offers linen in a variety of weights.   Specialty  textures  include  Gauze,  Yarn DyeGridPanama,  and we have limited selection of their Honeycomb, Fleur-de-Lis and  Raw Linen,  The wearability of FLAX follows your needs from season to season!
  • On every FLAX tag, there is a hidden positive message!  FLAX believes your outer beauty should reflect your inner beauty, and the positive mantras on each tag promote just that. Look for these cleverly-placed Easter eggs and find something special every time.
  • Each season, FLAX offers New and Exciting Collections, featuring New Colors & Styles!   Core colors  Black, White and Natural are  colors that return each year and in 2023 include Midnight and Silver.   Each ew Collection  bring a fresh take on linen, welcoming original styles, textures, and dyes into the mix!   
  • The Urban collections also feature t Linen, with cotton knit trim, and offered in softer washed colors, for a more relaxed and sporty style.  
  • As a plant-derived fabric, linen fabric is entirely biodegradable! Linen is one of the most sustainable clothing options-- a point of pride for the FLAX brand!
  • Linen has numerous inherent protective qualities!  Linen is non-irritant and non-allergenic, which is especially great for sensitive skin. Even more, linen offers protection from UV rays! 
  • Linen is ideal for  hot weather!  Linen can absorb up to 20% of its weight without feeling damp. In addition, linen is more conductive to heat and permeable to air than any other fabric, making it the perfect choice for a sunny day clothing!
  • The flax plant is multifunctional!  Eating flax seeds can offer various health benefits, and are often taken as dietary supplements to aid with conditions including heart disease and diabetes.
  • Unlike other brands, FLAX linen clothing does not shrink after washes-- a rare feat indeed!  All garments come pre-washed and pre-dried, using an eco-friendly softener, to prevent shrinkage later on, making FLAX some of the most resilient linen clothing in the game! 

The unique character of both linen, and the FLAX brand, distinguishes them from all else-- and we’re very proud of that! Their story is not just how, but why FLAX has become a mainstay in the fashion industry. We know that here at Linen Woman they are utterly irreplaceable!  

A wise message we found in the Flowing Pant encourages you to have a positive mindset every time you put them on “I love my body” 

~ Sophia, J.Fenton Gallery (Williamsburg, VA)