Renewed, Re-Organized, & Refreshed

Everywhere we look, change is in the air, and we are all beginning to step out of our homes with a renewed sense of vitality.  

There really couldn't be a better time for refreshing (and re-organizing) the clothes that are hanging in our closets.  Like many of you, I am in the process of doing this myself, and I can tell you first-hand..."this is no simple task!"  As the experts in this field have so wisely advised, it is so important to be thoughtful of what you should keep in your closet to maintain functionality.  If you haven't done this for awhile, you might have to ask yourself a few tough questions...

Does this still fit me?  Do I still like this style?  Does this color still look good on me?  Am I going to wear this in the next 3-6 months?  

Once you have removed the items that didn't make the cut, you can toss, donate, re-sell, re-purpose, or put them into storage elsewear.  Now that you can fully utilize all of that valuable real estate in your closet, you can re-discover (and re-organize if needed) all of the clothes that you already have, and you LOVE!  

You will also be able to see exactly what your wardrobe is lacking.  For example, you may have plenty of sleeveless tops, but not enough bottoms...or you might have lots of sleeveless dresses, but you don't have any lightweight jackets to layer over them on cooler days.  If you're anything like me, you might even find that you have a rainbow of colors in FLAX tees and tunics, but not enough neutrals...or a ton of Solids, but not enough patterned pieces to break them up.

The FUN part has finally arrived!  Now you can start shopping for those wardrobe staples that you are missing, or that "must-have" statement piece that you need to refresh your looks!

The FLAX brand makes it so easy to build a beautiful wardrobe that will last for years, with only a few additions here and there, to add a new texture, or a new splash of color.  The styles that FLAX offers are timeless, and they are woven in Linen, which is a natural fiber that is lightweight, breathable, pre-shrunk, and durable.  I can tell you from personal experience (and all of our loyal FLAX fans will back me up), when I say that FLAX Linen clothing is definitely designed for maximum comfort and longevity! 

We are currently offering a total of 7 New FLAX 2021 Collections, including Summer Solstice 2021, which just arrived this week!  You can also shop our remaining FLAX 2020 collections, as well as, our Vintage FLAX and Vintage URBAN favorites.  With such a large variety of styles and colors, there truly is something for every occasion!

~ Tonya, J. Fenton Too (Charlottesville Va)


Here's a quick review of what's New from FLAX for Spring and Summer :

Summer Solstice 2021 - elegant & sophisticated styles, in lightweight linen, with a cool palette of solid colors, along with black & white, and a tone-on-tone Plaid for texture & depth.

Urban II 2021 - signature relaxed look in crinkled linen (with cotton trim) is featured in soft pastel colors, to coordinate with the Additions 2021 collection.

Additions 2021 - chic styles with low maintenance, in a subtle puckered stripe design, with a muted palette of blue, green, lavender, and white, in a stretchy linen blend.

UnderFLAX 2021​ - woven in Handkerchief-weight Linen, this is a popular choice for loungewear and cruise-wear, with 4 Solids, a ​Stripe, and a geometric print that mix & match.

Classics 2021​ - wardrobe staples and customer favorites in classic Solid Linen, with neutrals, and 2 new colors (Rhubarb & Castlerock), and one unique top in the Panama texture to blend.​

Bold 2021​ - some of our all-time favorites (Artful Blouse, Floods, and Pedal Pant) return in bright solids, black & white, and specialty yarn-dyes in softer tones.

Urban 2021​ - signature relaxed look in crinkled linen (with cotton trim) is featured in classic black & white, eye-catching jewel tones, and a "must-have" Plaid designed to match them all.