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Renewed, Re-Organized, & Refreshed

By Tonya Gibson
on April 03, 2021
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Everywhere we look, change is in the air, and we are all beginning to step out of our homes with a renewed sense of vitality.  

There really couldn't be a better time for refreshing (and re-organizing) the clothes that are hanging in our closets.  Like many of you, I am in the process of doing this myself, and I can tell you first-hand..."this is no simple task!"  As the experts in this field have so wisely advised, it is so important to be thoughtful of what you should keep in your closet to maintain functionality.  If you haven't done this for awhile, you might have to ask yourself a few tough questions...

Does this still fit me?  Do I still like this style?  Does this color still look good on me?  Am I going to wear this in the next 3-6 months?  

Once you have removed the items that didn't make the cut, you can toss, donate, re-sell, re-purpose, or put them into storage elsewear.  Now that you can fully utilize all of that valuable real estate in your closet, you can re-discover (and re-organize if needed) all of the clothes that you already have, and you LOVE!  

You will also be able to see exactly what your wardrobe is lacking.  For example, you may have plenty of sleeveless tops, but not enough bottoms...or you might have lots of sleeveless dresses, but you don't have any lightweight jackets to layer over them on cooler days.  If you're anything like me, you might even find that you have a rainbow of colors in FLAX tees and tunics, but not enough neutrals...or a ton of Solids, but not enough patterned pieces to break them up.

The FUN part has finally arrived!  Now you can start shopping for those wardrobe staples that you are missing, or that "must-have" statement piece that you need to refresh your looks!

The FLAX brand makes it so easy to build a beautiful wardrobe that will last for years, with only a few additions here and there, to add a new texture, or a new splash of color.  The styles that FLAX offers are timeless, and they are woven in Linen, which is a natural fiber that is lightweight, breathable, pre-shrunk, and durable.  I can tell you from personal experience (and all of our loyal FLAX fans will back me up), when I say that FLAX Linen clothing is definitely designed for maximum comfort and longevity! 

We are currently offering a total of 7 New FLAX 2023 Collections, including Sunshine 2023, which is our newest arrival!  You can also shop our FLAX favorites that remain with limited stock in Vintage FLAX and Vintage URBAN.  With such a large variety of styles and colors, there truly is something for every occasion!

~ Tonya, J. Fenton Too (Charlottesville Va)


Fast FLAX Facts!

By Joan Fenton
on August 04, 2020
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  • While all linen clothing is made from the Flax plant, there is only one FLAX brand of linen clothing, long recognized for its quality and style!    
  • The first step of making linen is harvesting the stalk of the flax plant, which is then dried, separated, and prepared for weaving. The now-transformed flax plant is spun into yarn and woven into linen fabric. This linen fabric constitutes the entirety of almost every piece of FLAX clothing, apart from the Urban FLAX Collections which features cotton-knit accents, and  a few pieces with specialty textured fabrics, most of which are blends of linen and cotton. 
  • Linen is prehistoric!  Archaeological records show that people may have been using linen for over 36,000 years-- making linen one of the oldest fabrics in the world! In fact, woven linen may have been produced before human societies even had written language!
  • The FLAX brand was started by two sisters in Ithaca, New York   years This year,  2023 marks  their 30th anniversary!  Their journey into linen fashion began when they started creating and selling linen clothing to incredible success at a local farmer’s market. After finding immense demand for their classic, comfortable styles in a unique array of dyes, they expanded their clothing to markets worldwide, becoming a mainstay in the linen clothing industry! 
  • FLAX linen clothing is “still produced and sewn in the same Worker-owned, Women-operated factories in Lithuania” since the brand launched.    The production of FLAX clothing revives the linen harvesting traditions of Eastern Europe and uplifts local women by creating fair-paid and safe job opportunities! 
  • The FLAX brand is known for their unique style and fabric names! Just a few examples include the Obscure Cardigan, which is a versatile open front piece, that has a short sleeve, or the Alluring Blouse, which doubles as a button down top, or a light jacket.  Other creative style names include the One Tuck Wonderful, which features pintuck detail along the hem, embellishing this original!
  • FLAX offers linen in a variety of weights.   Specialty  textures  include  Gauze,  Yarn DyeGridPanama,  and we have limited selection of their Honeycomb, Fleur-de-Lis and  Raw Linen,  The wearability of FLAX follows your needs from season to season!
  • On every FLAX tag, there is a hidden positive message!  FLAX believes your outer beauty should reflect your inner beauty, and the positive mantras on each tag promote just that. Look for these cleverly-placed Easter eggs and find something special every time.
  • Each season, FLAX offers New and Exciting Collections, featuring New Colors & Styles!   Core colors  Black, White and Natural are  colors that return each year and in 2023 include Midnight and Silver.   Each ew Collection  bring a fresh take on linen, welcoming original styles, textures, and dyes into the mix!   
  • The Urban collections also feature t Linen, with cotton knit trim, and offered in softer washed colors, for a more relaxed and sporty style.  
  • As a plant-derived fabric, linen fabric is entirely biodegradable! Linen is one of the most sustainable clothing options-- a point of pride for the FLAX brand!
  • Linen has numerous inherent protective qualities!  Linen is non-irritant and non-allergenic, which is especially great for sensitive skin. Even more, linen offers protection from UV rays! 
  • Linen is ideal for  hot weather!  Linen can absorb up to 20% of its weight without feeling damp. In addition, linen is more conductive to heat and permeable to air than any other fabric, making it the perfect choice for a sunny day clothing!
  • The flax plant is multifunctional!  Eating flax seeds can offer various health benefits, and are often taken as dietary supplements to aid with conditions including heart disease and diabetes.
  • Unlike other brands, FLAX linen clothing does not shrink after washes-- a rare feat indeed!  All garments come pre-washed and pre-dried, using an eco-friendly softener, to prevent shrinkage later on, making FLAX some of the most resilient linen clothing in the game! 

The unique character of both linen, and the FLAX brand, distinguishes them from all else-- and we’re very proud of that! Their story is not just how, but why FLAX has become a mainstay in the fashion industry. We know that here at Linen Woman they are utterly irreplaceable!  

A wise message we found in the Flowing Pant encourages you to have a positive mindset every time you put them on “I love my body” 

~ Sophia, J.Fenton Gallery (Williamsburg, VA)

Crafting a “Conscious Closet” with FLAX

By Joan Fenton
on July 02, 2020
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Do YOU have a “conscious closet”? 

In our globalized world, near-constant consumption has become virtually synonymous with living a modern life. In this new brand of consumerism, quantity quickly overcomes quality. Here at Linen Woman, we sing a different tune!

Conscious consumerism is the movement to encourage the thoughtful purchase of products that both last longer and have a neutral or positive effect on the environment and those involved in production. In buying more quality goods, like the specialty linen clothing that FLAX offers, your clothes look better and last longer, with the added benefit of reducing your overall carbon footprint. Through purposeful purchasing, your dollar becomes a powerful indicator of support, which can lead to even more eco-friendly and moral choices in production to come! Perhaps even more vitally, it can turn declarations of support into substantive action, both in the part of the producers and the consumers. 

The FLAX brand of linen clothing embodies the tenets of being a conscious consumer. The people behind FLAX make genuine and substantial efforts to make the production and distribution process of their linen clothing environmentally friendly. As discussed in our recent Blog Post (May 29th 2020), the FLAX brand backs up their claim of sustainability and reflects a commitment to thoughtful production and consumption. 

Even better, FLAX offers the type of clothing you buy, and love, for life! Their specialty linen fabric is of supreme quality, and beyond being machine-washer friendly, it is built to last. The durability of natural linen fabric ensures that, even after many years of use, your clothing will retain its shape. Even more, the relaxed cuts are timeless, for effortless style year-round. Like numerous other FLAX designs, the Floods and the S/S Crop V are just two of the many versatile items, offered in a variety of colors, that can be worn year-after year, season after season because Classics like these just don’t go out of style!  And, as many of our Linen Woman customers will tell you, their favorite FLAX linen pieces have lasted decades!  Even more, your FLAX linen clothing can even be repurposed to new heights. Looking for a change but still in love with one of your all-time favorite FLAX pieces? You can bleach the 100% linen fabric and re-dye it to a color from a past collection, or you can even make your own original! 

With a thoughtfully curated FLAX linen wardrobe, there are almost endless possibilities! We suggest you spend time considering the needs of your lifestyle and what cuts are most flattering for you, and we’re sure you’ll find something functional and stylish for any occasion. Every FLAX Collection offers staple pieces that are designed to be multi-functional-- meaning you can easily restyle and refashion them for an entirely different look! For instance, by wearing it open, a FLAX Button-Down Blouse can be easily converted into a light jacket! If the weather is a bit cool, many knee-length Dresses can be refashioned into Tunics, if worn over a Linen Pant or Leggings. In addition, almost all FLAX linen pieces, like the Sleeveless Tanks, lend well to layering, so that the same pieces you love in the Summertime can keep you warm in the Wintertime! Even more, you can layer different textures and patterns for a fresh take on a classic look. FLAX  designs their Collections to coordinate, including  a wide range of Neutrals, Pastels, Bold Brights, and Jewel Tones, which makes mixing and matching a breeze!  The versatility of FLAX alone makes it a thoughtful and lasting purchase, easily fitting into the lifestyle of a conscious consumer!

With a little bit of thought, and a whole lot of style, you can find many ways to build a “Conscious Closet” with FLAX! Supporting brands that imagine a kinder and more considerate world is the essence of our mission and embedded in our ethos. Our purchasing power has been, and will continue to be, an amazing facilitator of change. We hope you will be inspired to make a conscious effort to support brands like FLAX, and embrace the idea of living sustainably by making only quality and enduring purchases that you will love for life! 

If you would like to learn more about why being a “Conscious Consumer” matters, you can read more about it from the New York Times and Medium.

Here’s to crafting a “Conscious Closet”!

Soak Up the Summer Sun in FLAX

By Joan Fenton
on June 17, 2020
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The official start of Spring has just arrived, and the Summer Solstice will be soon to follow, both seasons marked by warm weather and more time spent outside.  As the weather gets warmer and the days get even longer, the need for comfortable, breathable clothing is reaching a fever pitch. As our loyal customers know, much of the linen clothing that FLAX offers is specifically designed for the warmest weather, as the lightweight linen fabric contains inherent properties that perfectly complement a hot Summer day. 

For one, linen is breathable and encourages great airflow. Due to its construction, linen is naturally permeable to the air, which encourages the circulation that keeps you cooler for longer. Furthermore, linen can absorb up to 1/5 of its weight in liquid without feeling noticeably damp. Meaning, while you sweat, the linen will actually wick away the moisture! These dual mechanisms of linen create a natural cooling effect, which makes FLAX an essential for any Summer wardrobe. While all linen is naturally lightweight, FLAX offers several styles in a Handkerchief-weight linen, more delicate and lightweight than any other linen they offer, ensuring you won’t feel bogged down by a heavy fabric in the heat. Rather than feel inhibited by the hot weather, you can stay cool and comfortable in FLAX linen clothing while looking stylish to boot! Keep in mind that 100% linen fabric gives slightly as you wear it, adding comfort as the day goes on, and is durable enough to be machine washable without the worry of shrinkage -- an effortless choice for a hot Summer day. 

For a relaxed day out in the sunshine, the Midtown Dress from the more contemporary FLAX Urban II 2021, the Gallery Dress from FLAX Urban 2021, or the Horizon Dress from the FLAX Urban 2020 collection, are just a few of our Top Picks!  Featuring 100% Handkerchief Linen that has been steam-crunched to achieve the signature "crinkled" look, these dresses are ideal for achieving high style with low maintenance, and are offered in soft and summery shades.  In these dresses, you can forget all about the heat, slip on a pair of sandals, and just enjoy the sun! 

Finally, the change of the seasons can signify new beginnings and a dynamic vitality.  With an unusual year behind us, we can move into the Spring and Summer seasons by looking towards the future with unrelenting hope. I would like to end this week’s post with the poetry of Paul Laurence Dunbar, an African American poet and playwright of the late 1800’s, who wrote about this palpable buzz of energy in an excerpt of his poem In Summer.   

~ Sophia,  J.Fenton Gallery (Williamsburg, VA)


Oh, summer has clothed the earth

In a cloak from the loom of the sun!

And a mantle, too, of the skies' soft blue,

And a belt where the rivers run.


And now for the kiss of the wind,

And the touch of the air's soft hands,

With the rest from strife and the heat of life,

With the freedom of lakes and lands.

Wellness, Yoga, & FLAX: Maintaining Wellness In The Present Moment and How FLAX May Help

By Joan Fenton
on June 08, 2020
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Here at LinenWoman, we recognize that wellness is more than just physical. Wearing comfortable clothing has the power to genuinely ease your mind, allowing you to focus on things other than your outfit. Naturally, wearing FLAX, our 100% linen clothing, is more than just about style. It can help you feel more grounded physically and mentally, especially if you practice other wellness activities such as yoga while also wearing FLAX. As we navigate a changing world and dream for better, finding this inner piece is an absolute necessity. 

Yoga is the noble practice of unifying one’s mind, body, and spirit through a series of postures and poses. Derived from the writing of ancient Indian sages, the discipline of yoga can be both a spiritual and physical activity. Yoga encourages you to foster an awareness of your body through measured, thoughtful breathing and movement. At times, practicing yoga can help quiet the mind and achieve much-needed clarity.

Any yoga instructor will tell you-- comfortable clothing is key to the practice of yoga. For instance, itchy, uncomfortable fabrics can leave you irritated both physically and mentally, pulling your attention away from your body and your practice. Breathable, non-restrictive clothing like linen allows you to move freely and get the most out of every movement. Naturally, this makes FLAX the ideal outfit for yoga-- you may even forget you’re wearing anything at all! The comfortable, airy linen can help you breathe into the relaxation. As well, our sustainably made FLAX reflects a commitment to loving and respecting the earth, a tenet embedded within the discipline of yoga. 

For your yoga needs, I recommend the sporty Urban Crop, or the even more relaxed Full Time Pant. As all three are part of our Urban FLAX collections, they have a cotton knit trim and a natural wrinkle perfect for comfortable, flexible movement. Whether practicing yoga at home or at Yogaville where many of our regular customers in Charlottesville retreat to, yoga can help you lean into the current moment and arrive at even greater revelations. At the present moment when we can genuinely affect the world with our every action, wellness is more paramount than ever. Why let uncomfortable clothing stop you when you can wear FLAX? 

Happy Yoga and Namaste!

~ Sophia,  J.Fenton Gallery (Williamsburg, VA)

On the Elusive Promise of “Sustainability” and How FLAX Measures Up

By Joan Fenton
on May 29, 2020
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Nowadays, “sustainable” products are seemingly everywhere. From fashion brands to cleaning products to skincare, the buzzword appears as an elusive seal of approval, but it can be a challenge to know which brands actually follow through on their promise of “sustainability.” With the increasingly dire threat of climate change, communities around the world feel a drive to seek proactive, eco-friendly alternatives at every possible junction, including ourselves at LinenWoman. That’s why understanding what makes a “sustainable” product is incredibly important, and how FLAX measures up.

So what is sustainability and why does it matter? Sustainability refers to embracing eco-friendly measures that conserve the earth’s natural resources, while also maintaining the same quality of life we’re accustomed to. In short, sustainability is about enjoying material goods without contributing to polluting forces, making the production sustainable. However, the marking of a “sustainable” product is nebulous at best and false at worst. It is important for consumers to hold brands accountable for their eco-friendly promises, which is where FLAX excels!

From the very start, FLAX has been committed to creating a sustainable product. The linen of FLAX clothing, extracted from the eponymous flax plant, is one of the world’s most eco-friendly fabrics. Derived from the earth itself and fed by rainwater, the flax plant requires little intervention to prosper, conserving vital water! Furthermore, FLAX adheres to regulations of the European REACH organization, which ensures that any chemicals involved in the production process have a neutral effect on the environment. With both water and chemical waste being major contributors to the polluting effect of the fashion industry, FLAX’s record reflects a credible commitment to sustainability. Even better, all of the buttons on FLAX clothing are made using the natural seeds of the Corozo Palm tree, utilizing a native substance of the earth without being exploitative. FLAX stands apart as one of the few brands that actually follows through on promises of “sustainability.” These layered efforts to create a sustainable product make FLAX an exceptional choice for fashion AND for supporting brands that protect the environment. Your purchasing power reflects the type of world you want to live in, and supporting brands like FLAX who actively embrace sustainable practices is an incredibly valuable action we can all take!

~ Sophia, J.Fenton Gallery (Williamsburg, VA)

Sit Back and Relax with Flax

By Joan Fenton
on May 19, 2020
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Now more than ever, wearing clothing that helps you feel comfortable and relaxed is a top priority...

With much more time spent at home and an increasing need to destress, the phrase “Dress How You Want to Feel!” has never felt more relevant! As we navigate the changing landscape of community health restrictions, our Flax clothing is perfect for feeling unrestricted. The breathable and flexible linen of our Flax clothing allows you to connect with the natural world, without feeling contained by harsh and stiff fabrics. Our linen fabric is inherently lightweight, breathable, moisture-wicking, and thermoregulating, and our thoughtful Flax cuts emphasize those qualities for the best possible wear. Whether taking a stroll in your neighborhood, lounging on the couch, or simply stepping out to get some air, Flax is the ideal clothing for you. For those days when you want to get out of your pjs and slip into something just as comfy (& even more stylish!), Flax is the perfect fit. You’ll never want to wear jeans again!

~ Sophia, J.Fenton Gallery (Williamsburg, VA)

Sizing and Fabric and choices - OH MY!

By Joan Fenton
on October 28, 2015
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we want to offer you the same personal experience and expertise that we would offer you in store - online...

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Our staff welcomes you

By Joan Fenton
on September 03, 2014
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Technology has certainly changed the face of retail sales and we have considered this with each step while building this website...

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Welcome to the FLAX Catalog

By Joan Fenton
on July 29, 2014
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Customers in our stores come from all over the country, and for the past three years they have been asking us to make it easy for them to shop the FLAX Linen clothing brand with us, from the comfort of their home. And we have finally done it!

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