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Pants * 100% linen or linen with cotton trim.

Free ground shipping on orders of $75+ within the Continental USA

FLAX Pants are offered in a wide selection of options to fit your needs.  Whether you are looking for cropped or full length, slim or wide leg...we truly have it all!   

You will see new styles and returning favorites in each Collection, as well as, a variety of textures and fabrications each season, from Petite to Plus Sizes.

Classic styles, such as the Floods have a wider leg, while the Pocketed Ankle Pant are slimmer as you go down.

As shown in the sketch images below, you can see there is a variety of Waistband styles.  Typically, they feature Full elastic (thin or wide), 3/4 elastic with Flat Front, or Flat Front w/ elastic in the back.  Urban pant styles often feature a wide cotton knit waistband with drawstring.

Cropped length:  Flattering Crop, Clam Diggers, Full Time Pant, Push Out's 

"Flood" length:  Floods, Pocketed Ankle Pant, Travel Pant, Modern Flood, Shirttail Flood, Zen Pant

Longer than Floods, yet shorter than Full length:  Obi Pant, Pleated Pant, Midtown Flood, Sociable Flood, Seamly Pant

Full length (designed for 5'6" and taller):  Picnic Pant, Flat Iron Pant, Brighton Pant, Flowing Pant, Playful Pant, Pocketed Social Pant

The Leggings are in Cotton/Spandex, for comfort and stretch, available in a variety of neutral colors, remaining only in a Capri length. *Limited supply.

Email us if you have questions about a particular style or sizing!   

 Sketch Comparison of FLAX Pant styles: