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Dresses * 20 styles. Most have Pockets.

Free ground shipping on orders of $75+ within the Continental USA

Flattering lines, gorgeous colors, and beautiful textures make FLAX Dresses the best part of your wardrobe!  Just slip one on, and you have a complete outfit.  Designed to flatter, and for easy wear…and most styles feature pockets!

You will love covering a sleeveless or short sleeve dresses with your favorite FLAX Jacket.  Shorter FLAX Dresses can be worn as a tunic, layered over a pair of Leggings or Linen Pants

If you are one of our shorter customers, you may also want to look at our tunic tops, some of which may work as a short dress.  

If you have questions about length, please email us, let us know what size you are looking at, and we can let you know the length of the dress. 

 Sketch Comparison of FLAX Dress styles: 

FLAX Dresses : sketch comparisons