For those of you who have visited our two locations in Charlottesville Virginia, it is very likely that we have met in person as I have had the extreme pleasure of working for Joan and her wonderful family for the better part of seventeen years - If we have met, I hope you came away from our time with a strong sense of my commitment to provide you with exceptional customer service. After Joan herself hand selects product lines that we can stand behind and believe in; she leaves the sales floor to an amazing team of women who strive to give the best service to you, our customer.

Technology has certainly changed the face of retail sales and we have considered this with each step while building this website; how do we meet the demand for our customers who are far away and yet retain the personal experience we are known for and so proud of? 

The answer is - we will be as available to you online as we are in person and treat you as if you're right here with us.

With that said, we encourage you to request help at any time during your shopping experience. Feel free to pick up the phone and call us directly, there is no unimportant question. 

We have been known to model clothes - send pictures via text messages and email - pick the perfect accessories - whip out tape measures - search for hard to find items - do whatever it takes to make our customers smile and we hope this continues or I personally, will be very bored! Although we won't reap the rewards of seeing your smile in person - it remains our #1 goal as a staff - your satisfaction. 

We are very grateful to have the opportunity to expand our customer base and to keep in touch with those of you who have been so faithful after visiting us in our stores. We appreciate your business, your trust and your continued support of small business and quality products.

On behalf of all of my amazing co-workers, we welcome you (or welcome you back) and cannot wait to serve your fashion needs.

This is so exciting!