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Lots of styles to choose from - and don't forget to consider button down blouses for their versatility as a jacket, too. !  FLAX is designed to let you layer it,  with the blouses  and jackets  over a tank or dress, or over a tunic top to give you varied lengths. 

All different styles, weights and colors to choose from - whatever you are looking for to top off your favorite FLAX outfit - you are sure to find it here!

Regular collections are made of 100% linen, while Urban Flax has cotton knit with spandex trim. 

Machine washable, and preshrunk , so it will not shrink. In fact, linen is a natural , breathable fabric, and it gives a little during the day as you wear it. Wash it and it goes back to its original shape. 

Linen is a durable, long lasting, natural fiber. Once you start wearing  FLAX, you won't want to wear anything else.