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Slouch Pocket Dress (FLAX En-Core 2023)

Slouch Dress, shown in Asphalt Lava.  Model is 5'9" tall, wearing size Small. Loading...
  • Slouch Dress, shown in Asphalt Lava.  Model is 5'9" tall, wearing size Small.
  • Slouch Dress, shown in Navy Lava.  Model is 5'9" tall, wearing size Small.
  • Slouch Pocket Dress (FLAX En-Core 2023)
Asphalt Lava
Chai Lava
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A mid-length dress, with a high and rounded neckline, comfortable 3/4 sleeves, front seam detail and two slouchy pockets that land on the hip, with a shape that slims at the waist, then widens as it goes down, for a flattering fit.

You can wear this dress to the office or a special occasion, and it's cozy enough to wear if you're running weekend errands!

Woven in 100% Linen Gauze, which is lightweight and soft, with a unique texture and a two-toned effect.

Machine Washable.  We strongly recommend line drying any pieces woven in Linen Gauze, as this fabric is more delicate than Solid Linen.

Note: Gauze is meant to be worn loosely, and you may want to order one size larger to allow for extra room, especially if you plan on layering it over other pieces.

The featured model is 5'9 tall, wearing size Small.  If you are shorter than 5'9", then this dress will be a little longer on you.


P    (6-10) 38-40" 48-50" 42-44"
S    (10-14) 42-44" 52-54" 43-45"
M   (14-18) 46-48" 56-58" 44-46"
L    (18-20) 50-52" 60-62" 44-46"
1G  (20-22) 54-56" 66-68" 45-47"
2G  (24-26) 56-58" 68-70" 45-47"

*For additional help with sizing, please reference our FLAX Size Chart.  If you have concerns about the sizing, you may also email us and we would be happy to help! 
FLAX Size  Equivalent
Petite Sizes 6 - 10
Small Sizes 10 - 14
Sizes 14 - 18
Sizes 18 - 20
1G Sizes 20 - 22
2G Sizes 24 - 26


You will always need to downsize at least one size from what you are used to. If you think of yourself as a medium, try a small. I’m a size 14 and I almost always wear a small! But if the item is cut on the bias, I will be a medium.  Take a look at our sizing video below for more details. 


Please, feel free to email or call us, and we will help you to figure out the right size and the right shape.

Email: info@linenwoman.com

Phone: (434) 293-1800 (10am - 5pm Eastern Time)

It's so much more fun to get the item that fits you on the first try!


J. Fenton