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Urban FLAX : Maintaining Urban's Signature "Crinkled" Look

The Urban FLAX collections are designed to be chic, sporty, and relaxed, with a slightly modern edge, with "Go-To" Looks, with signature textures and styles, and colors that are so easy to Mix & Match!   

FLAX Urban II 2021
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Most items in this collection are woven in 100% Handkerchief-weight Linen, steam-crunched, in Urban's signature "crinkled" look, and trimmed with soft Cotton Knit (typically along the neckline, hemline, or sleeve).  The result is All-Day comfort that is high in style, and low in maintenance - Ideal for Travel, Vacation, or Staycations alike!  

However, as Linen fibers naturally relax and grow with use, the crinkled effect will also soften with each wash and wear.  Our "first-time" FLAX customers frequently contact us just after the first wash, asking why the wrinkles have disappeared - and if they can re-create the "crinkled" look that they love.  The answer is "Yes, you can!"  We recommend the "Twist & Tie" method.  

See detailed care instructions, and photo with example shown below.


"Twist & Tie" Method

1.  Machine Wash (or hand wash) in Cool to Warm Water

2.  Air Dry or Tumble Dry (no heat) for a few minutes to remove excess water

3.  While the clothing is still damp, gently begin twisting it into one long roll, and continue twisting until you are able to tie it into a knot (see example in photo below).

4.  Slide the twisted knot over the top of a hanger, and allow it to Air-Dry for several hours.

5. When the item is completely dry, you want to keep it in this "twisted knot" form (in your dresser, closet, or suitcase) until you are ready to wear it again. 

6. When you are ready to wear it, just un-twist...and "Voila!" you will now see the "crinkled" look throughout, allowing you to avoid any hard creases (from folding) that would normally require ironing or steaming - you can just slip it on, and you're ready to go!

Gallery Dress (in Faded Black), FLAX Urban 2021
Roadie Top + Renewed Floods (shown in Cardinal), FLAX Urban 2021
Roadie Top + Renewed Floods (in Cardinal), FLAX Urban 2021

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