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Whisperer (FINAL SALE)(Vintage FLAX)

Whisperer top (detailed sketch), 100% Yarn-Dyed Linen, by FLAX, V-neck Pullover, in Regular and Plus sizes.   Fall Traveler 2020. Loading...
  • Whisperer (Mink Yarn Dye), layered over the Crossroads Blouse (in White), paired with Floods (in Mink Yarn Dye), 100% Linen, by FLAX, for women in regular and plus sizes.  Fall Traveler 2020
  • Whisperer (shown in Plum Yarn Dye), 100% Linen, V-neck Pullover with drop shoulders, paired with Floods (in solid Plum), by FLAX, Fall Traveler 2020.
  • Whisperer top (detailed sketch), 100% Yarn-Dyed Linen, by FLAX, V-neck Pullover, in Regular and Plus sizes.   Fall Traveler 2020.
  • Whisperer (shown in Port Rivel) layered over the In-Line Blouse (shown in Cream).
  • Whisperer (shown in White, but only available in Slate blue) layered over the Midtown Dress in Sage.  100% Linen (FLAX Urban II 2021)
Plum Yarn Dye
Port Rivel
Mink Yarn Dye
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A textured linen pullover,  in Petite, 1G and 2G, with a deep v-neckline, full-length long sleeves, with drop shoulders, and center seam detail, featuring a hi-low hem to be longer in the back. 

You can wear it alone, or layer it over a sleeveless top, or you can layer it over the collared Crossroads Blouse  ) and pair with the classic Floods 

Yarn Dye is 100% Yarn Dyed Linen, woven of two color threads that add depth and interest, while keeping its lightweight appeal.

Rivel is a 60% Linen - 40% Cotton blend, woven in a gauzy texture, with a geometric design, running vertically.

Slate is 100% softened lightweight Linen, with FLAX Urban's signature crinkled look.

A size Small is approximately 25" in length.

The Whisperer top is a popular style that has been repeated season after season, Click HERE to view additional colors and fabrications that are still available.


FLAX Size  Equivalent
Petite Sizes 6 - 10
Small Sizes 10 - 14
Sizes 14 - 18
Sizes 18 - 20
1G Sizes 20 - 22
2G Sizes 24 - 26


You will always need to downsize at least one size from what you are used to. If you think of yourself as a medium, try a small. I’m a size 14 and I almost always wear a small! But if the item is cut on the bias, I will be a medium.  Take a look at our sizing video below for more details. 


Please, feel free to email or call us, and we will help you to figure out the right size and the right shape.

Email: info@linenwoman.com

Phone: (434) 293-1800 (10am - 5pm Eastern Time)

It's so much more fun to get the item that fits you on the first try!


J. Fenton