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Renewed Flood (FINAL SALE)(Vintage URBAN)

Renewed Flood (FINAL SALE)(Vintage URBAN) Loading...
  • Renewed Floods (shown in Cobalt), 100% Handkerchief-weight Linen, with drawstring waist in soft cotton knit, FLAX Urban 2021.
  • Renewed Flood (FINAL SALE)(Vintage URBAN)
  • Renewed Floods (Plaid) + Skyline Blouse (Cream) + Whisper Pullover (Cardinal Panama), 100% Handkerchief-weight Linen in Urban's signature crinkled look, FLAX Urban 2021.
  • Renewed Floods (Plaid) + Tell Tail Top (Black Panama), 100% Linen, FLAX Urban 2021.
  • Renewed Floods (detailed sketch), 100% Handkerchief-weight Linen, in Urban's signature crinkled look, with a cotton knit drawstring waist, and two side seam pockets, FLAX Urban 2021.
Faded Black
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A relaxed wide leg pant, in sizes Petite,1G and 2G only, featuring a wide and comfy drawstring waistband, in soft cotton knit, along with two hidden side seam pockets.

A re-styled version of the Classic linen Floods, with 2 pockets , and  the comfort of a wider leg and the flood inseam length.  Basically, all the things you love about the Floods from collections past - only better! 

The Renewed Flood easily pairs with a wide variety of tops and jackets, including the Roadie Top,  or Tell Tail Top.  Try wearing the Market Blazer for a matching jacket.

100% Crinkled linen, with cotton/spandex waistband. 


**Unique to the Plaid version of this pant, the drawstring waistband is solid Black, for a modern contrast.  However, the Solid versions of this pant (Cardinal, Cobalt, Faded Black) feature the same color on both the waistband and the overall pant..

Click HERE to learn How to Maintain Urban's Signature "Crinkled" Look. 

MEASUREMENTS LISTED BELOW ARE ONLY APPROXIMATE.  Please email us if you have concerns on the sizing.

P    (6-10) 25-27" 39-41" 34-36"
S    (10-14) 28-30" 43-45" 35-37"
M   (14-18) 30-32" 47-49" 36-38"
L    (18-20) 33-35" 51-53" 36-38"
1G  (20-22) 40-42" 55-57" 38-40"
2G (22-24) 43-45" 57-59" 39-41"

*For additional help with sizing, please reference our FLAX Size Chart.
FLAX Size  Equivalent
Petite Sizes 6 - 10
Small Sizes 10 - 14
Sizes 14 - 18
Sizes 18 - 20
1G Sizes 20 - 22
2G Sizes 24 - 26


You will always need to downsize at least one size from what you are used to. If you think of yourself as a medium, try a small. I’m a size 14 and I almost always wear a small! But if the item is cut on the bias, I will be a medium.  Take a look at our sizing video below for more details. 


Please, feel free to email or call us, and we will help you to figure out the right size and the right shape.

Email: info@linenwoman.com

Phone: (434) 293-1800 (10am - 5pm Eastern Time)

It's so much more fun to get the item that fits you on the first try!


J. Fenton