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Daily Duster - button down linen jacket (FINAL SALE)(Vintage FLAX)

Daily Duster (shown on the reverse) in Jade Stria.  100% Linen, pinstripe.  FLAX Sunshine 2019. Loading...
  • Daily Duster (Poppy Stria) + Floods (Poppy Stria), collared jacket in duster length, with corozo button closure and side slit pockets, in Stria fabric (subtle stripe), by FLAX, in regular and plus sizes.
  • Daily Duster (shown on the reverse) in Jade Stria.  100% Linen, pinstripe.  FLAX Sunshine 2019.
  • Daily Duster (Product Sketch)
Jade Stria
Poppy Stria
Sea Glass
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A delightful long sleeved duster  available in Petite and Small. featuring a collar and gorgeous corozo buttons that run the length of the duster, with two front slit pockets, and seam detail.  Full bottom coverage, will hit mid thigh or just above the knees depending on your height. Truly the perfect length for every occasion! 

So versatile, the Daily Duster can be worn open, for a breezy look - or button it up, and wear it as a dress or jacket for a more professional feel.  Wear it around the house or when you go stepping out. 

100% linen duster, available in Stria (a fine stripe).


.APPROXIMATE MEASUREMENTS LISTED BELOW.  If you have concerns about the sizing, please email us for assistance, as All Sales Are Final.

P    (6-10) 38-40"" 36-38"
S    (10-14) 42-44" 36-38"
M   (14-18) 49-51" 37-39"
L    (18-20) 53-55" 38-40"
1G  (20-22) 56-58" 38-40"

*For additional help with sizing, please reference our FLAX Size Chart.
FLAX Size  Equivalent
Petite Sizes 6 - 10
Small Sizes 10 - 14
Sizes 14 - 18
Sizes 18 - 20
1G Sizes 20 - 22
2G Sizes 24 - 26


You will always need to downsize at least one size from what you are used to. If you think of yourself as a medium, try a small. I’m a size 14 and I almost always wear a small! But if the item is cut on the bias, I will be a medium.  Take a look at our sizing video below for more details. 


Please, feel free to email or call us, and we will help you to figure out the right size and the right shape.

Email: info@linenwoman.com

Phone: (434) 293-1800 (10am - 5pm Eastern Time)

It's so much more fun to get the item that fits you on the first try!


J. Fenton