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FLAX Urban 2021

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The FLAX Urban 2021 collection features a sophisticated mix of Urban's signature textured Linen fabrics, and NEW fashion colors include an eye-catching mix of Cardinal (red) and Cobalt (blue), classic White, Black, and Faded Black, along with a sophisticated Plaid pattern, reminiscent of menswear, designed to coordinate with them all!

Crinkled Look:  100% Handkerchief-weight Linen, steam-crunched to have the signature relaxed and crinkled look, trimmed in soft Cotton Knit, designed to have a chic and modern edge, with all day comfort.

Panama:  100% Linen, now being offered in a single thread color, much like a textured solid (vs. the previous two-toned effect), adding versatility, so they can easily be paired with a pattern.

We are excited to announce that Urban is now offered in G-sizes!  The 1G size is comparable to the X-Large from previous collections.

The Whisper Pullover, the Roadie Top, the Crossroads Blouse, and the Renewed Floods are just a few popular FLAX styles that return in this collection!

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