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FLAX Fall Traveler 2021

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The FLAX Fall Traveler 2021 collection brings specialty Linen fabrics in a beautiful  palette of jewel-toned colors, as well as, the distinctive Melange "sweater-like" texture returns in the Stepping Out Jacket and the Well Suited Blouse.   

As usual, the texture-rich Traveler collection appeals to the most sophisticated and loyal FLAX customers, designed to coordinate with the three solid fashion colors; Garnet, Sapphire, and Zircon, featured in the FLAX Classics Two 2021 collection.

Yarn Dye:  100% Linen, lightweight weave using two color threads, in this case, the fabric is a few shades darker than the Solids with the same color name, adding depth and interest when you mix and match.

Melange:  100% Linen, medium-weight weave using two color threads, with a cozy "sweater-like" texture, which blends beautifully with the Solids, Yarn Dyes, and Purl specialty fabrics, in coordinating colors.