Happy Mother's Day!

Hoping you have time to relax and enjoy the day and perhaps show off a new piece of FLAX linen clothing. Here in Charlottesville we are hoping for sun today, after several days of rain. 

The  response to the FLAX colors and styles this year has been incredible. 

We thought you might want to check out some of our favorites in case you missed them. These are top choices with both our customers and staff. 

The most popular dress has far and away been the Stretched Top, from the Bold collection. It just looks good on everyone (not just the model in the photo!).

Several members of our Williamsburg staff can be seen wearing the Tank Tunic from the Sunshine Collection 2017, a sleeveless long tank with pockets. The Artful Blouse, from Bold 2017 is my favorite and I now have it in four colors and am thinking about a fifth. I often wear it over a tank top as a lightweight jacket. The Cool Top from Neutral is a favorite among our customers. 

Flax now has two great shorts to chose from, and they are perfect for summer and for sports. The Explorer Shorts, offered in a wide variety of colors, was new for 2017, while the Sun Short was brought back from 2017

The old favorites, the Flood Pant and Ankle Pant continue to be our best selling pants. Many people were  introduced to FLAX when they bought their first pair of Floods.  We have customers that have had a pair for 10 or even 20 years!

The Ankle Pant is a more recent staple of the line, with a slimmer look. This year the Streamed Ankle was introduced as a slight variation on that style that you may want to take a look at. 

The Audrey Pant has been an extremely popular addition. Audrey is a higher waist, fuller in the stomach/butt area but long and slimmer in the leg.

To all of you, we wish you and your moms a happy Mother's Day.

And wherever you are, we hope it's a sunny day.